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Your Teacher Appreciation Ideas
Teacher & Teacher Appreciation News

Ideas for teacher appreciation: older students

Ideas for teacher appreciation: older studentsHere are some teacher appreciation ideas for students in their mid teens or older. Of course, you can also take into account any of the teacher appreciation suggestions presented in the other sections and adapt them to your needs, age and style. You can also buy a gift for teacher appreciation.

Teacher appreciation cooking
Teacher appreciation surprise party and cocktail
Teacher appreciation play or movie
Teacher appreciation picnic excursion
Teacher appreciation night out
Teacher appreciation artwork
Teacher appreciation travels

Why not? Cooking is fun, and it’s something you can do alone or, for even more fun and better results, in a group with a few of your classmates (make sure to choose the most talented cooks). Now, remember not to poison your teacher, you are supposed to appreciate him or her! What kind of delicious dish can you think about? Well, unless you’re an experienced cook, we suggest you prepare something easy for a teacher appreciation occasion. Find out what your teacher likes and get a good recipe. You may also take into account your teacher’s ethnic background and find a nice dish accordingly. You can of course cook a main course dish, but… doesn’t everybody love cakes?
Five very easy cake recipes for teacher appreciation

A party that your teacher wouldn’t expect is always a nice idea. You need to plot “D-Day” well in advance, and you’ll need the help of your classmates and possibly other teacher(s). You will certainly find a proper place within your school. These are some suggestion for the decor: • T-shirts with your teacher’s picture or a respectful and funny caricature, and a nice and funny teacher appreciation slogan. • Stickers or posters with a “We love Mr./Ms. X” (replacing the word “love” with a heart). • Other teacher appreciation decor. • If he or she comes from a different country or a specific ethnic background, include something appropriate in the decor. • Serve usual buffet food and drinks, but… how about creating your own teacher appreciation non-alcoholic cocktail? We give you a basic cocktail suggestion, and now you can add one ingredient and there you are! You have created “Mr./Ms. X Cocktail”. The whole school will remember.
Your own teacher appreciation cocktail

Ever felt like a plawright? Now you can test your skills by writing a short sketch for teacher appreciation. Anything between five and fifteen minutes is OK. Find actors among your classmates and don’t make it too complicate. It should be funny, easy to play, respectful and suitable as an original gift that he or she will certainly never forget. The play may be an event in itself, or it can be staged during a teacher appreciation surprise party. An alternative to this is to make a short movie. Your own video camera will do, and this spares you and the actors the risk of forgetting a line or other mishaps. But it also kills a bit of the thrill and perfection of a live theater play.
How to make a teacher appreciation home video sketch

Now, this is a teacher appreciation idea that can’t come as a surprise. You need to tell your teacher well in advance, and the whole class should be happy with the idea. Everybody should contribute with some food and drink, or you can appoint a treasurer who will collect the money and buy everything necessary.
How to plan your teacher appreciation picnic

Choose a nice restaurant, get a group of classmates or the whole class and invite your favourite teacher. But make sure to find out about his or her preferred food. Your teacher’s ethnic background may give you a clue. A nice idea is to book a separate room for your group so that other customers are not disturbed, nor you are disturbed by other customers. You can combine this dinner with the whole group going to the movies, theater or a concert.
The most suitable play for teacher appreciation

Are you talented as a musician, a painter, a poet, a sculptor, a caricaturist…? You will really touch your teacher with the best imaginable gift: your own art!
Buy a gift for teacher appreciation

Yes, travels. Why not? Everybody loves travelling. Choose a fantastic destination. Nowadays, due to transportation facilities and services one can find and book a flight to a nice destination in a few minutes. And even a cheap one. Consider online travel agencies and low costs companies offers. Anyway, if you consider this expensive too, you can choose holiday auctions or subasta viajes in which you can find even lower prices; that's why you choose the amount you want to pay. Give your teacher a nice surprise, send her / him to a wonderful place and let her / him enjoy!

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