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Learn foreign languages

Do you want to learn a foreign language?Imagine showing your foreign language teacher your appreciation with a letter in another language or speaking a language of old Europe� You can do it. Having a good education means being able to speaking a second language fluently - a fact sometimes overlooked because of the attention schools give subjects such as Mathematics and Computers . However, if one of you goals in life is to be successful in both your personal and professional life, you should take time for learn languages in you school. Furthermore, should you have the opportunity, learning a language abroad will be an experience which you will be forever thankful for.

Going to a language school abroad is such a valuable experience and you will be extremely grateful to the language teachers who will help you to not only learn the language in the school you choose, but also understand the cultural habits of the country. Furthermore, they will always support you should you encounter any problems during your time abroad.

One of the top destinations is Montpellier, in France, where you have the opportunity of learning and speaking French in a Mediterranean atmosphere, enjoying the sandy beaches and the wonderful French food and famous wine.

However, if Montpellier (or indeed anywhere else abroad) seems a little far, why not bring the culture and language learning to you and be a host to an international student wanting to learn English? You�ll teach them about your language and home culture whilst learning about theirs too. There�s all kinds of posts � from being a simple host to a teach homestay English post (where you�ll help a student learn English as foreign language whilst doing study, work and travel in Australia or USA). Depending where you live, you could be hosting people from all over the world � whilst many German people choose industrial cities such as Manchester to learn English, many Spanish people choose the more famous tourist destinations and look for a curso ingles Dublin for example. Either way, you will take a lot from the experience and furthermore, make contacts for your future travels.

     Cursos de inglés en Inglaterra

If you haven't yet decided which language you want to learn, this site offers you a wide selection of Language Schools all around the world.

     Spanish courses in Spain

Other Travel Resources

     Autoverhuur Mallorca


The word �teacher� in over 50 languages

If you have already mastered a foreign language then a great way to open your eyes to where exactly it could take you is to look in to the business the country of your new language conducts.  For example, if you are lucky enough to have studied Spanish, as well as Europe, you could find yourself in South America or even Africa!  Of course, a business qualification will help you to facilitate these travel dreams.  An efficient way to go about attaining one is to study a MBA degree online program due to the fact that the flexibility offered gives you plenty of opportunity to keep up the language practice for your travels.

And why not consider working abroad on your school holidays � or in the break between college and university? It is a great experience both personally and professionally (it will look great on your CV or resume!). Furthermore you could end some money to fund language classes. Make every effort to integrate yourself into the culture � you may get some friendly advice that you wouldn�t have known of otherwise. So for example, maybe you are in Spain and they tell you about a devoluci�n de impuestos, the words may look strange to you now but they mean a tax refund � wouldn�t this be a great thing at the end of your time working abroad (it is often accepted that foreign people can claim this, especially if they are students)? You could then afford even more travels! Even without the wages and refund, a language learning experience is never a bad thing, don�t miss the opportunity!

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