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Your Teacher Appreciation Ideas
Teacher & Teacher Appreciation News

Ideas for teacher appreciation: buy a gift

Ideas for teacher appreciation: buy a giftWhen buying a teacher appreciation gift, try not to get him or her anything expensive, unless it’s a collective gift bought by the whole class. Otherwise your teacher might feel uneasy about this.

Books are a natural part of every teacher’s environment and habitat. Reading is a great joy even for those who must read a lot for their work. Any light reading will help your teacher to enjoy his or her spare time, but remember to find out what kind of books he or she prefers: poetry, novel (romantic, thriller, action…), classic literature, etcetera. When giving your teacher a book, it is always nice to write a few teacher appreciation sentences at the beginning, even if you are not the author!
Ten books most teachers would like to have

And how about a movie? Teacher appreciation is easy to express via Hollywood! Make sure to know what your teacher’s preferences are regarding movies, and you’ll surely succeed.
Ten movies most teachers would like to have

A game as a present to a teacher? Well, this boardgame is very suitable

  • A briefcase or portfolio to carry his or her papers and books.
  • A fountain pen, a set of pens or a laser pointer.
  • A desk object.
  • A plant or a bouquet of flowers.
  • Music, but make sure to find out what he or she likes, first of all!
  • A tie or scarf.
  • A wallet or purse.
  • A portrait frame.
  • Two tickets (cinema, theater…).
  • A food delicacy.

  • A watch.
  • A desk set.
  • An open return ticket to his or her parents’ town.
  • A whole collection of books or movies, or a magazine subscription.
  • A palm PC or other electronic device for administration, or a pocket TV-DVD set.
  • A pet, but discuss it first with the teacher’s family.
  • A musical instrument.
  • A vase, a painting or other home design object.
  • A basket with food delicacies.
  • A genealogical study or his/her last name’s coat of arms.

“There’s a fine line between showing teacher appreciation and going broke”, says this article’s author. Read

No number of gifts can emulate what teachers do for us. Yet, on there special occasion you can say Ma’am/ Sir we love you with a token of appreciation. However, when buying gift for you teacher, make sure it’s not anything expensive unless it is a collective gift from the entire class. Also, take care of what he/ she likes or dislikes. You can also personalize the gift with a special message accompanying it. So what can you gift your teacher?

Let’s begin with a book. Books are integral part of every teacher’s collection. Therefore, books are definitely the best gift you can give to your teacher. You can choose from a subject matter book, reference book to any special interest book which you know will suit his/ her predilection. Do remember to write a special teacher appreciation note for your teacher on the front page of the book. PS: ‘To Sir with Love’ by E.R. Braithwate is a very good idea for a gift to your teacher.

Flowers or his/ her favorite food delicacy are some other simple yet soulful ideas like Mothers Day flowers. However, items of personal use such as a portfolio to carry papers, a set of pens, laser pointer will be better appreciated and remind him/ her of your sweet gesture for a long time to come. If you are giving a collective gift then a watch, a collection of books or movies, a magazine subscription, a library membership card and likes are just excellent.

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