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Your Teacher Appreciation Ideas
Teacher & Teacher Appreciation News

Your teacher appreciation ideas: Suggestions for activities

Teachers will always appreciate little performances of their students, like ballet or hip-hop performances, drama or stand-up comedy. In our school there was even every end of the week, on Friday, the possibility to do an act. Boys used to playback on music of the Backstreet boys, girls used to dance on the music of the Spice Girls. But times have changed, so why should boys and girls not cooperate and do a performance together. Some alternatives are: a play with an educative touch (I always like it if there is a message behind the play). Think about the difference in position of the men and women today, criminality, racism, poverty, problems at home (e.g. domestic violence), but also positive messages: the teacher is the best! Of course teachers always like positive endings ;-) Furthermore dance performances, and again, of course the boys and girls act together. Personally I like stand-up comedy a lot. Use jokes about different cultures or languages (no racism!), about funny encounters with people in the street or when going out. Be creative and brainstorm together, then, you can always find something to agree on!
Idea by: Lisette
What about making a song dedicated to your teacher? Of course not everyone knows how to play music, but there’s also the possibility of making new lyrics for a song that already exists. To make everybody sing along, it might be a good idea to hand out a printed version of the lyrics. (You might as well make big posters with the lyrics on them, they could serve as decoration for the classroom later on.) Make sure you choose a well-known song, so that everybody knows more or less how it goes.
Idea by: Juan
It is a tradition at our elementary school to host a luncheon for all the staff members of our school. Parents volunteer to cover the classrooms, office and make food. For one hour, once a year the teachers all get to eat together and visit.
Idea by: Marjie Bish
We always have an ice cream social for our staff and write them a nice note
Idea by: CJ
For tecahers day,When the teachers entered in the school students can welcome their by flowers or petals of the flower.they can make a roll play for the appreciation of their teachers work,also they can stand in the assembly and say thanks or sorry(that they cant say ever before) to their techer.
Idea by: sadaf shahid
It’s so nice to see the idea of teacher appreciation catching on! I left high school 11 years ago now but still remember our leaving gesture vividly – and I think our teacher remembers it even more so; it really did change her life! She was a biology teacher with an abundance of enthusiasm for all things new, always doing some type of course and forever telling us stories in class. On our graduation, we thought she deserved something special. She was due to be holidaying in Spain and with her great passion for learning, we thought she’d like to know a little of the language - the idea of a set of language tapes for her seemed perfect! 5 years later at a re-union, we met up again. It turned out she’d left the school to do "cursos enfermeria auxiliar distancia" and was now based in Salamanca, ready to be a nurse!
Idea by: Daisy
We are giving a Spa Day to teachers consisting of mini massges,facials,nutrition,posture coaching,healthy chocolates,EFT stress management and healthy goodies.It is a day to say Thank you to the many teachers in our lives.
Idea by: Dr.Mitchell &Terri Mays
i pick you because you care about me and tou help us in math and reading science and social studies english this is the reason that i pick you for teacher appreciation week!
Idea by: cierra
I purchased some breakfast items and flowers and had a breakfast table ready for the teachers morning meeting today.
Idea by: andrea
Refresh and recharge the day with a 10 minute chair Massage. We have a parent, who is a massage therapist, that donates a day during Teacher appreciation week and gives the teachers 10 minute massages. They LOVE it!
Idea by: Rachel PTA President
We host a teacher appreciation week with a different activity each day. We also extend it to our entire staff, they all make the things teachers do possible.On Monday we provide breakfast, Tuesday is a teacher treat bag, Wednesday is a catered luncheon, Thursday is a note with a gift card to a local Learning Store, and Friday we have chair massages. We hold a special fundraiser each year to be able to do these things for our awesome teachers!
Idea by: Susan, PTG pres.
To make an easy and visible banner, just stick plastic cups through a chainlink fence at your school, to spell out a thank you message like "We Love our Teachers!"
Idea by: Holly
Here are several ideas for inexpensive ways students can show appreciation for their teacher. The examples are fun ways for the whole class to join in on the celebration and say thank you to the teacher. http://www.ehow.com/how_4996330_celebrate-teacher-appreciation-week-day.html
Idea by: Meredith

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