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As we endeavour into adulthood, we often put our student life aside, and that includes our teacher appreciation. We keep it in some archive room in our minds, as we are eager to start a new and fascinating “grown-up” life. But as time goes by it is only natural that we start takingWHY SHOW TEACHER APPRECIATION. FORMER STUDENTS files from that archive. Looking back is very human. Former friends and neighbours, primary and secondary schools, college classmates… teachers.

You may find that you remember a particular teacher more than the others. Think why you have this teacher appreciation feelings. How was that person important to you? How much did you learn about a particular subject, or about life, about being human? Now, wouldn’t it be wonderful for both of you if you sent him or her a few lines, or a small gift? Tell your teacher that you appreciate him or her, that their efforts were rewarded, that you feel you’re a better human being thanks to him or her. Show your teacher appreciation, you won’t regret it!

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