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Teaching has been described in many ways: growing humans, the art of patience, shaping mindsÖ But it has never been categorized as a an ordinary job, or as a profession that can make you rich. Most teachers live on moderate salaries and then proceed to an unfairly low retirement wage. Thatís international, and itís always been like that. And their low wages are just a part of the problem. In Jacques Barzunís wise words, regard for teaching and teachers is a long lost tradition. Public expressions of teacher appreciation are unfrequent. With few exceptions, human societies and civilizations have never been too appreciative or grateful towards teachers, no matter how much they have contributed to expanding that which makes us different from any other species: knowledge.

LET YOUR TEACHER KNOWTeaching is possibly one of the most vocational jobs. It is simply impossibly to teach if you donít like that activity, or if you donít care for your students. Care, thatís the word. But, how often do we, the rest of us, care for our current or former teachers? How often do we show our teacher appreciation? How often do we thank them for their care, efforts and help? No, teacher appreciation is not exactly the most extended among our communitiesí virtues.

When we are very little, we tend to have a close relationship with our teachers and we show them a lot of teacher appreciation in our everyday life. But as we start growing up and seeking recognition among our fellow students, being friends with the teachers becomes unpopular. Too much teacher appreciation and you can be bullied by your pals, soÖ Often, itís not until college that we develop again a sense of true respect and affection for those whose whole life is devoted to our intellectual growth.

A teacherís highest reward is feeling the true appreciation and gratitude of his or her current or former students. Because teacher appreciation is so seldom expressed, many teachers feel sad and frustrated about how few of their students actually like them. If you feel that a particular teacher is or has been crucial in your personal growth, or if you are simply fond of him or her and the way they teach, donít be shy to let them know. Youíll feel well and youíll make that person the best possible gift, because teaching is their life.

Why show teacher appreciation. Current students.
Why show teacher appreciation. Former students.

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