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By keeping a check on this page, you are guaranteed to be in the know about the most important news and events happening throughout the Teacher Appreciation world today. Constantly updated, we provide you with detailed reports of recent spectacles and teacher appreciation trends whilst keeping you informed of what’s up-and-coming, ensuring that you are there the next time and not just left to read the highlights.

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Teaching: not just a job Date: 5-2-2013
As we pass through our school careers every issue seems magnified. Such as which class we are put in to, who we sit next to and where we eat lunch and the teachers seem to be the only people who have nothing to worry about. All we see is how they ... Read more
A note to parents: Teacher Appreciation Week isn't only for the students Date: 4-29-2013
Teacher Appreciation week isn't only a time for children and students to thank their teachers, it is also an opportunity for parents to do so to. If your child is in education take the opportunity to thank their teacher for all their hard work. ... Read more
Teacher Appreciation Week: A Matter of Respect Date: 4-25-2013
The key concept of Teacher Appreciation Week is to show respect to someone who works hard trying to prepare children for the difficulties of life. Teacher Appreciation Week involves the acknowledgement of the great efforts made by teachers to ... Read more
10 Ideas to say thank you during Teacher Appreciation Week! Date: 4-17-2013
Handmade Card Tell your teacher how much they have helped you and your fellow students. Pick out specific moments and memories of your teacher that made you really appreciate them. Create your own Facebook Fan Page Create an appreciation ... Read more
Inspire Teachers and Students with a Quote Date: 4-10-2013
With Teacher Appreciation Day just round the corner, by now you must be thinking about what teacher appreciation gift you can give to show your gratitude. You might be considering hand making a gift. You may even want to make something that won't ... Read more
Presenting... The Teacher Awards 2013 Date: 4-2-2013
You may be looking to organize something special this year in order to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week and show your teachers just how much you care and value them. Hold a Teacher Awards Ceremony on Teacher Appreciation Day in order to thank ... Read more
Appreciation with an apple? Date: 3-22-2013
Teacher Appreciation Day is quickly approaching and so many people are already thinking about the perfect gift for their teacher to say thank you. Teacher Appreciation Week is the first full week of May, so I was also surfing the Internet gathering ... Read more
Teachers taken for granted. Date: 3-21-2013
The dictionary definition of teaching is to impart knowledge or skill. What this means is that one person shares their own knowledge or skill with another person from which they have gained from someone else. It is a process and this way knowledge ... Read more

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