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Teacher appreciation calendar

All year-round there are teacher appreciation celebrations somewhere in the world. This is a full calendar of events, and it also shows other important dates related to education and children. Do you have a teacher who came from a different country? See when they celebrate Teachersí Day and send him or her a card. Thatís an original way to both show your teacher appreciation and remind him or her of home.


JANUARY. Teacher Appreciation dates
15. Venezuela. Dia Nacional del Maestro (National Teacher Day).
16. Thailand. National Teacherís Day.

FEBRUARY. Teacher Appreciation dates
8. Slovenia. Preseren (Culture Day).
21. International Mother Language Day.

MARCH. Teacher Appreciation dates
7. St. Thomas Aquinas, patron of students in catholic countries. Albania. National Day of Teachers.
12. Zambia. Youth Day.
21. Tunisia. Youth Day.
26. Vietnam. Youth Day.
28. Czech Republic. National Teachersí Day.
29. Taiwan. Youth Day.
31. Micronesia. Culture Day.

APRIL. Teacher Appreciation dates
1. Benin. National Day of Youth.
2. International Childrenís Book Day.
4. Taiwan. Childrenís Day.
9. Finland. National Language Day (Anniversary of M. Agricola).
13. International Librarianís Day. Ecuador. Dia del Maestro (Teacherís Day).
15. Palau. National Youth Day,
21. Germany. Kindergarten Day.
23. World Book Day. Turkey. Childrenís Day.
26. International Day of Intellectual Property.
30. Paraguay. Teacherís Day.

MAY. Teacher Appreciation dates
Whole first full week. Puerto Rico and United States Teacher Appreciation Week. The Tuesday of that week is National Teacher Day in the USA, and the Friday in Puerto Rico.
1. Cyprus (North). Day of Youth.
15. South Korea. National Day of Teachers.
Mexico. Capture of Queretaro: Federal Teachersí Day.
Colombia. St. John Baptist of La Salle, Colombiaís Teacher Day.
18. Haiti. University Day.
19. Turkey. Youth Day.
Turkmenistan. National Day of Poetry.
24. Bulgaria. Day of the Cyrillic Alphabet (National Education Day).
28. Western Samoa. Youth Day.

JUNE. Teacher Appreciation dates
1. International Childrenís Day.
6. Bolivia. Dia del Maestro (Teachersí Day).
Russia. Pushkinís Birthday (Day of Culture).
10. Portugal. Dia de Camoes (Camoes Day). Celebration of culture.
16. International Day of the African Child.
South Africa. Youth Day.
22. El Salvador. Teacherís Day (national holiday).
25. Guatemala. Teacherís Day.
29. Nicaragua. Teacherís Day.
30. Dominican Republic. Teacherís National Day.

JULY. Teacher Appreciation dates
6. Peru. First public school founded. Dia de los Docentes (Teachersí Day).
24. Vanuatu. Childrenís Day.
25. Tibet (under Chinese occupation). Yalong (Day of Culture).

AUGUST. Teacher Appreciation dates
3. St. Kitts and Nevis. Celebration of Culturama (Nevis Island).
5. Tuvalu. National Day of Tuvaluan Children.
7. Kiribati. Youth Day.
12. International Youth Day.
13. International Lefthanders Day.
30. Afghanistan. Childrenís Day.

SEPTEMBER. Teacher Appreciation dates
5. India. National Teachersí Day.
8. International Literacy Day.
Dominican Republic. Literacy Day.
10. Moldova. Teachersí National Day.
11. Latin America. Regional Teachersí Day.
Massachussetts. Stateís separate Teacher Day.
Costa Rica. Teacherís Day.
Argentina. Teacherís Day.
17. Honduras. Dia del Maestro (Teacherís Day).
20. Switzerland. Jour du Jeune (Youth Day), French-speaking Switzerland.
21. Uruguay. Studentsí Day. National Holiday together with Teachersí Day.
22. Uruguay. Teachersí Day (Dia del Maestro). National Holiday.
23. Brunei. Teacher Day.
28. Taiwan. Birth of Confucius. National Teachers Day.
30. Spain. Teacher Homage Day (Homenaje al Maestro).
Turks and Caicos Islands. Youth Day.

OCTOBER. Teacher Appreciation dates
5. World Teachers Day (WTD), celebrated in most countries around the world.
10. Western Samoa. Childrenís Day.
14. Congo. Youth Day.
15. Brazil. Teachersí National Day.
16. Chile. Teachersí Day (date contested by teachersí associations).
29. Liberia. National Youth Day.

NOVEMBER. Teacher Appreciation dates
3. Japan. Bunka no Hi (Day of Culture).
6. Vietnam. Confucius celebration (Culture Day).
7. Sweden. Teachersí Day.
17. Turkmenistan. Student Youth Day.
20. World Day of Children.
Vietnam. Teachersí Day.
23. Costa Rica. Dia de la Fraternidad entre los Ensenantes (Teachersí Day of Fraternity).

DECEMBER. Teacher Appreciation dates
1. Panama. Teacherís Day.
Portugal. National Day of Youth.
2. Burma. National Higher Education Day.
22. Cuba. Teacherís Day (as celebrated by current regime).
25. Congo (Rep. of). Childrenís Day

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