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Panama Teacher's DayPanama Teacher's Day - December 1st

As Christmas approaches, there’s certainly one festival to look forward to beforehand, especially in the Latin American Panama. On 1st December 2007, Panama’s Teacher’s Day will be celebrated throughout all the country’s educational institutions and learning centres.

Panama really is a beautiful land (the name means “abundance of fish and butterflies”); to be able to incorporate this into the celebration is ideal. A special Teacher’s Day activity, perfectly apt should you be living in the exotic Panama, would be a class picnic amongst the beautiful scenery. Each class member could bring a traditional dish, perhaps even the teacher’s favourite or a suggestion for an outdoors game to play – something which would help the class bond and that would be relatively relaxing for the teacher – he/she would not have to plan lessons for that day!

Traditional food to take would be tajadas – a ripe plantain, cut into slices and baked with cinnamon. However, those who prefer more savoury food could enjoy a picnic with empanadas – flour or corn based pastry filled with meat or cheese and often accompanied by a local speciality sauce.

Other memorable moments that a teacher can enjoy just as much as the students is a trip to one of the country’s museums or art galleries – for example, the Museo de Ciencias Naturales (Natural Science Museum) would make a great day out.

What’s most important on Panama Teacher’s Day however is to communicate the appreciation to the teacher? Perhaps not even in a school, students can take a minute to chat to the teacher, explaining how they think certain aspects to the class are well taken or particularly interesting, how a character trait of their teacher (patience or kindness for example) inspires them to learn or just that they are thankful for a top education. Hearing this (or maybe seeing it written on a beautifully hand-made card, perhaps featuring the country’s beautiful wildlife) would make any teacher’s day – whether in Panama or in any other country!

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