Jigsaw Idea for Teacher Appreciation

Teacher appreciation poem and gifts is not only the things to make your teacher happy. Being a student it is your responsibility to recognize the teacher’s value about his/ her profession in teaching; at the same time, vice versa, teachers on their part should illustrate deeds that can be helpful to student’s progress.

For example, teachers have to create their own method of lessons so that students will inspire and motivate to a level that they will make good results to their education. Get idea with the jigsaw puzzle creative way of teaching. This is exciting for the students, to fit all the puzzle pieces to build one whole picture.

This concept will absolutely energize the students to participate in the class to make a complete and beautiful picture. Jigsaw puzzle idea of teaching is constructive to communication skills for each student even outside the class.

Method of Jigsaw puzzle

Divide the students into groups. Every group will read piece of text and they will be the one to teach the class on their part. This activity will be successful by requiring every group to complete specific activities connecting to the piece of the text they are reading. Teachers can use a worksheet or by answering some questions. Without completing the whole article, if the pieces in the text are gathered, in which the picture must be completed those first group who can totally make the puzzle and has the picture of what you exactly want them to learn will win. The winning group must present their answer to the class.

What does this jigsaw puzzle idea teach to students?

This method of teaching does not only cover the necessary material of the classroom, but as well as teaching much more than just writing and reading comprehension because this activity require students to present information that other students can understand. Students during the activity mainly teach the students build confidence too as they teach their classmates a lesson ensuring them that they understand what has been educated. Jigsaw puzzle is much different because the students are not only required to talk, but fairly teach the audience, thus, it is more than just providing a presentation or a speech.

If the students in the class find their teachers well-organize and unique of his way of teaching. Teachers jokes and other contribution will be noted by the students as gratitude. Knowing that teaching is one of the most vital skills in the world, most especially when a certain person will consider most jobs that require teaching at some point in the workday.


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