Spend No-Money with Teacher Appreciation Notes or Poems

Teachers imparted us wisdom that makes our lives unique. Imagine yourself without education. Do you see how dejecting the lives of those people who are illiterate? These people’s existence becomes susceptible to risks because of their scarcity of knowledge. That’s why you should be thankful because you are fortunate to be educated.

Teachers become instruments to furnish you, your classmates, and your schoolmates the learning that can’t be bought by anyone. And this is the reason why teaching profession is extraordinary to reflect on amidst other professions. So it’s time to give back our gratitude, “thank you teacher” on Teacher Appreciation Week.

There are so many ideas to express your gratefulness that will not require you money to spend like writing a thank you note or appreciation poems for teachers. Compose your note or poem in a piece of paper. It is better if you write down a message in accordance to what you really feel for your teacher. If you’re done, transfer it to a clean paper, you can draw something on it and color the image to make your note looks lively. One example of a teacher note/ poem:

Thank you so much,
for your effort and for the genuine teaching.
The knowledge you shared,
inspires my studies and make it meaningful.

I always remember,
your teaching that’s tender.
Motivates to reach my aim,
and strive the best for my dream.

With the entire struggle that teachers have had encountered, there are still many people who take complain when there’s unexpected unintentional circumstances arise. What can we do to cheer up our teachers? That’s why a little says of ‘thanks’ is a big ‘welcome’ for teachers.

If you want to give something more to your teacher on teacher appreciation week, you may reflect on things like a basket of fruits, a jar of M&Ms, a pint of apple jam, anything and anyway you return your gratitude.


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