Teacher appreciation:

PYTHAGORAS OF SAMOS (Greece, BC 569 - BC 475).

PYTHAGORAS OF SAMOSPhilosopher and mathematician, born in Samos, Greece. He settled at Crotona, Southern Italy (c.530 BC) where he founded a moral and religious school. He eventually fled from there because of persecution, settling at Megapontum in Lucania. Pythagoreanism was first a way of life, of moral abstinence and purification, not solely a philosophy; its teaching included the doctrine of the transmigration of souls between successive bodies. He is associated with discoveries involving the chief musical intervals, the relations of numbers, and with more fundamental beliefs about the representation of the world of nature through numbers. The famous geometrical theorem attributed to him was probably developed later by members of the Pythagorean school. Pythagorean thought exerted considerable influence on Plato's doctrines.

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